• 30 years of EXPERIENCE
  • 25 hectareRECYCLING PLANT
  • 1 million tonsTURNOVER PER YEAR


Redesigning of a historical square

Lenné Dreieck not far away from Postdamer Platz is an oddity in Germany’s history, because this ca. 4 ha area actually belonged to the national territory of the GDR. When the Berlin Wall was built, the triangular area between Lennéstr, Bellevuestr and Ebertstr was left out and considered from that point on to be a West German enclave. In 1988, Lenné Platz was handed over to West Berlin in a territorial swap and originally a highway was going to be built on it.

However, reunification happened before these plans could be realised. Instead, office blocks, hotels and residential complexes such as the Beisheim Center and the Marriot Hotel were built here between 1999 and 2004.

In 2001 BTB received a contract for the excavation work of the future main railway line tunnel „Potsdamer Platz“ and for the decontamination of the soil. We worked for 8 weeks on the very large excavation pit in a three-shift operation.

We separated approx. 60,000 tons of contaminated soil on site, which was then driven from the construction site at night so as not to impair city traffic and properly disposed of. The excavation was then profiled with unpolluted Z0 sand from our own quarry.


  • Client Name : ARGE Lenné-Dreieck, E. Heitkamp GmbH
  • Completed Date : 2001